Da Vinci – Il Genio, PART III

Honestly, when I think of Leonardo da Vinci the first thing that comes to mind is the animation series about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which were named after the four Renaissance artists—Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael.

There is something so surreal and mystical about being in the presence of Da Vinci’s work even though it is just for a couple of hours.  I am contemplating on flying to Johannesburg just to catch a second coup d’œil (French for glimpse) of Da Vinci. The cultural exhibition is more than just a public display of the work of art by Da Vinci. It is an opportunity for art lovers, philosophers, scientists, mathematicians, normal people who have nine-to-five jobs and generally for people of all ages to appreciate the beauty, complexity and mystery of the artworks created by the Lord of the arts, Leonardo– an opportunity truly not to be missed.

“You know you’re on to a good thing when the only negative a visitor shares with you is that they wish they’d spent longer in the exhibition.”

              –   Dr. Paul Jennings, CEO, Science Centre Iowa

Da Vinci – The Genius brings back to life in exquisite detail some of the fresco art paintings. The exhibition has been made available by Grande Exhibitions of Australia and has been seen by more than three million people in over 40 countries. Although the works were not the originals, I got a glimpse into the exceptional mind of Da Vinci. I had the time to appreciate the high definition recreation of the paintings, Leonardo’s sketches on paper, facsimiles of the famous codices, and the war battle preparatory drawings he had made amongst other things.

Visitors of Da Vinci are invited to embrace and appreciate the history behind the life and works of the Italian artist. Visitors will be exposed to some of the 200 inventions, sketches and art created by one of the greatest man that ever lived, Monsieur Leonardo Da Vinci himself. This includes the first concepts of the bicycle, parachute, submarine and military tank, to name just a few which were crafted by Italian artisans from the master’s (Leonardo) codices – notebooks.

Some of the key attractions you can look forward to:

  • anatomical sketches;
  • preparatory drawings of a lost painting
  • touch-screen versions of Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks
  • 3-D interactive presentations of The Last Supper, the Vitruvian Man and the Storza Horse sculpture;
  • and a replica of the most recently discovered Da Vinci, Bella Principessa.

So be sure to go see the exhibition if you are live or are around Johannesburg, South Africa the during April month.

Venue: The Amazing Place in Woodmead, Sandton

Date: 2 April – 22 June 2014

Time: Doors open daily at 09h00 to 19h00 (last admission at 17h30)

Ticket Prices: From R80 – R140

Tickets available at Webtickets



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