Echoes Of Solitude

1500 km from my better half
This is a letter to you to let you know that since
we’ve been separated by these mountains that
interfere with the frequencies which hinder my
speech from getting to you. The endless roads that
wind into the middles of nowhere where i am told
that the God you had me praying to does not exist
Since our last encounter i have found myself
scribbling peculiar images on the black feint
margins of my torso which i have concluded to be
the little things i miss the most about you
I am no Picasso so forgive me for the crocked lines
at the edges of my canvas which resemble the
stretchmarks at the corners of your eyes caused by
the high volume of tears you have buried under
those hazel eyes
Those crescent shaped omens on my arms which
allow me to wrap myself in your smile
The orchestra in my heart which pumps music
notes into my veins playing somber hymns that
remind me of the sound of your voice
I can hear at times your voice telling me to never
forget to pray
The o-shaped holes on my palms which remind me
that sometimes one needs to be crucified in order
to find salvation and the bags under my eyes which
are sometimes to heavy for my face to carry but i
carry them anyway so that you may never have to
worry about your burdens
At times though the waves of this ocean smash my
being on the edges of deeper ends and I find
myself drowning in pools of alcohol
Inhaling the hazardous smoke of hell from
Stuyvesant cigarette buds which cloud my sky with
temporary comforts which deny me any intention
of looking beyond the sun
I still go to church though
Enjoy two cups of coffee a day
Smile at the hand that feeds me, offer my seat to
the old lady on the bus
I haven’t forgotten about those who need to be
reminded that they can still believe in tomorrow by
offering the little that I have and I never forget to
open the windows of the day To take a look at the
diamonds scattered across the horizon of the night
sky to remind me of those billion promises
embedded in your eyes Although you begged me
not to, I have met a woman and each time she
smiles she compels my idle being to swim from the
deeper ends to the shorelines that remind my heart
to beat louder each time To be thankful for each
breath that I take
To run faster than the wind
To kiss the sky and taste the sun
Each time the echoes of solitude try to push me off
the cliff of brighter tomorrows, her breath catches
Giving me wings to soar into altitudes that bring
me closer to you
So I am sorry mom
For falling in love so hard
But it’s the only way that I can stay close to you 

Sechaba Nkitseng


Author: The Grubby Eater

just a basic girl who loves food..

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