Is Rap Art? Well Simms seems to think so.

So who is Simms Peta?


Born Simphiwe Peta (I call him Simms3 like the Electronic Arts game when he is not in hearing sight). He tells me that he would better describe himself as “an overgrown toddler”. And that actually has nothing to do with his short stature. I bumped into the 19 year old UCT BCom Accounting student from the big city Pietermaritzburg, the capital of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa early last year during Orientation week.

He was just walking by and happened to ask my friend and I where he could sign up for the Hip Hop society. We got a little inquisitive and started asking questions like who he was, where he was from and why he wanted to join the Hip Hop society in particular. And then he dropped the bomb on us—that he was a rapper. My friend and I burst into laughter and dared him to burst out some rhymes right there. Long story cut short he proved us wrong. Lesson Learned: Appearances certainly do not make the man. It seems big things be popping out of Pietermaritzburg! I guess it’s actually true what they say hey; dynamite comes in short statures, I mean small packages!


He started rapping when he was in Grade 10. He always had a love for Hip Hop of which he adopted from his big brother, who had introduced him to some of the all-time favourite rap artists. Simms grew up listening to Kanye West, Eminem, 50cent, and the likes of Jack Johnson. When I asked him who he aspires to be as a person and/or an individual he simply said that he just wants to make his family proud and to “grow to be who [he] wants to be”.

We had a two hour long chat on whether people would enjoy rap which focused on politics as much as they do Lil Wayne and argued about why rap is/is not art.  We also talked about how sick Kendrick Lamar’s Good kid MAAD City concert was. You suck if you missed it!

Simms’s playlist changes from time to time but from the summary he gave me I got that he has been into Odd Future, Tyler the creator for quite some time, and more recently Childish Gambino and Mac Miller. He also wishes to mirror Malcolm James McCormick’s , aka Mac Miller, success in the near future.

P.S check out the RAP Hotspot at UCT Upper Campus outside the Arts Building. It’s called Cypher Rap sessions and it goes down Every Wednesday around 1 pm. You can catch Simms Peta and many others there busting some rhymes and throwing diss comments that will make you want to duck and dive.


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