Is Rap Art?

In most case rap has a lot to do with crime, punishment and even murder but to me that is somewhat understandable because there are people out there who still live in neighborhoods where the sound of gunshots is the only alarm clock they have ever known.

Rap is what it is. It is rap. It is a part of Hip Hop and has been alive for over 30 years. Look at the dance moves that came out of this lyrical evolution: break dancing, the wop, the mc hammer dance, the humpty dance, the stanky leg and today’s favorite, twerking.

Rap “expresses inner [life] experience” Art is expression. So we could say they are actually one and the same thing. So I guess since cursing someone out is a form of expression that is art as well?!

I heard a pastor (whose name shall not be mentioned) once say that hip hop is corrupting our youth and it encourages the abuse of alcohol and drugs. Excuse me pastor but there are two sides to every coin. Rap is not just all about guns, drugs, girls and popping bottles. It is an outlet for people to release their views; for that kid who got bullied most of his life to express himself, his emotions, his life experiences, for that 20 something year old broken hearted son to tell his daddy how laying his hands on his mama wasn’t cool.

“Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable” – George Bernard Shaw

I’d say that rap is an expression of life events, past lovers, frustrations, disappointments and about that girl or girl who broke your heart when you were 13.Yes, oftentimes the views of rap artist may come across as derogatory and vulgar but rap speaks frankly on different subjects—religion, politics, sex, gender, and often on taboo/controversial subject matters in society.

But saying rap isn’t art would be like saying a poet is not a poet because his words don’t rhyme. I will leave you (the reader) to decide for yourself whether it is art or not because that’s what music does and music is art. It leaves you the listener to judge it for what it is and to interpret it the way you deem fit. Because all in all art is made for YOU. Without YOU there would be NO records, NO rap and NO hip hop.


Author: The Grubby Eater

just a basic girl who loves food..

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