sometimes I, stand on my balcony,

contemplating alchemy, contemplating gravity,

thoughts that weed pull outta me,

why do we feel agony, why does love have casualties,

would the world miss me if i fell asleep forever – please,

could somebody answer me,

I just need some answers please,

I just need some peace of mind – searching for some clarity,

I just need a sampled beat,

I just need some vocals in the back for me to help me sleep,

battling these nasty dreams,

the last time I seen a genuine smile – I can’t recall it’s been a while i think we all in denial,

please pardon me I’m cynical it’s hard to be fine,

can’t remember last when happiness cross my mind,

see the thing about life, you don’t know where it go,

when you losing your way, all you can do is hope,

all you can do is pray, maybe grab you some rope,

but for me not today I’m way too stubborn to choke…

–          Simphiwe Peta


Author: The Grubby Eater

just a basic girl who loves food..

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