Banksy vs. Bambi


Kate Moss by Banksy
Kate Moss by Banksy
Bambi's portrait of Kim Kardashian
Bambi’s portrait of Kim Kardashian

Bambi is currently the most talked about female street artist in the art scene. She commissioned by famous people, including the likes of Rihanna, Brad Pitt and the infamous Kanye West. Honestly I am not impressed by her work and  I think it is unfair that her work is compared to Banksy’s. To make matters worse “The Guardian” claims that Bambi will surpass Banksy.

The two artists have about three things in common that I can come up with. The fact that both their pseudonyms start with the letter B; they are both street artist and that both their identities are unknown.

I think TV commentator and presenter David Dimbleby was wrong to dub Bambi “The female Banksy”. As a Bansky fan I am somewhat offended. That was way too premature and disrespectful to Banksy’s achievements. Because of this, the Bambster (that’s the nickname I gave her) gets a free ride onto Banksy’s private jet. Ain’t no such thing as a free lunch! This is unfair compared to all that Bansky has accomplished throughout the years and the finesse that comes with Banksy’s name and his artwork! Bambi is getting ahead on Banksy’s name and reputation. She is riding on Banksy’s popularity and this in my opinion is one of the major reasons why everyone is talking about her.

Bambi’s art must speak for itself and her success must attain its own merit without Banksy’s name added into the mix. She ought to pave her own way in the art world for goodness sake. That is what street art is about. Gaining your own street cred (i.e. credit).

Most of Bambi’s work is of bureaucrats, singers and celebrities. Can we really compare her to Banksy?

In my books she aint no ‘new star in street art’ till she actually surpasses Banksy by establishes herself without being compared to Banksy.






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