Last Night

Last night I courted you, I kissed you, I bedded you
Last night we danced, we laughed, we ran away with each other
Last night you took my hand, you kept me warm, you stroked my face
Last night I had fun, we made love, and you smiled while trembling
Last night was long and sweaty, was painfully pleasurable, was simply magically
Last night ended too soon as morning came way too late
Last night never really happened because today is a cold shoulder
Last night wasn’t a night at all, it was a year, forever
You see it isn’t last night that bothers me because I’ll always have last night
Tonight is the issue
Tonight I can’t sleep, I watch old movies, I can’t dream
Tonight we have no words, we don’t know the other’s voice, we daydream
Tonight you don’t smile, you keep saying  smart ass things, you are the dream
Let me have another last night, even if it is the last night
I’d rather relive that last night a hundred nights than stay in tonight
Tomorrow night I’ll think of you, we will reminisce in our corners, you will long for me
Then again what do I know?
All I have is a last night that won’t leave this night uncontested
Tomorrow night…
I know what I want for tomorrow night
What do you want for tomorrow night?
– Yanga Mhlaba

Author: The Grubby Eater

just a basic girl who loves food..

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