I’m Back!!



Hi yall,

I’m back! Happpy new year! *rolls eyes* 3 months into the year already…

Did you miss me?

Yeah yeah I missed you too.

Life has been good. I’ve met a couple of amazing people along the way. I’ve learned a couple of things. Oh and I still haven’t figured out what art is yet. Epic Fail in that department. Well art in my own perspective…

I think my whole idea of what art is changes from season to season. Probably due to the people I meat, I mean meet, along the way and their views on art seem to alter my own understanding.

I should probably update my About page.

Anywhos and hows. I have been taking a lot of photographs and I am happy to share those with you. Mind the fact that they are unedited okay. Come on I’m juggling university, my social life and staying sane at the same time..

Here are images I took at First Thursdays:



Have you been to any of the First Thursdays events? If so, tell me how it was for you? share some images that you took as well. Would love to see em.

Don’t forget to tweet away and Share share share.

By the way it’s Thursdays Late in Woodstock  this week. Where you can “Experience some of Cape Town’s best art galleries
and cultural attractions in Woodstock”.

Go join in on the fun if you can! Woodstock is Always a Good idea…

Thursday 19 March. 5pm9pm (and later).



Bye for now.

Xx Hugs and kisses my art copains {it’s French for buddies}.



Author: The Grubby Eater

just a basic girl who loves food..

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