Miniature Cheesecakes, 15 on Orange


it’s Thursday today and you know what that means. Hashtag Throwback Thursdays (#tbt). So I thought I should share some of the pics I shot AT the Mercedes-Benz Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival Media Launch (oooh what a mouthful!) that took place a few weeks back, hosted at 15 on orange.

You can also read up on what went down last year and what you can expect at this year’s estival:                                                            written by yours truly.

Have a great one guys.



Hendrick’s Gin
Fashion Girls- VADA, vadabysivada.co.za
Adrian Lazarus and I.
Chocolate Mille-Feuille
Cathy Steed
Cherize Ross. Founder of K-word Streetwear, k-word.co.za


Fashion blogger, Emma Jane Menteath and fashion & portrait photographer Justin Polkey


IMG 10
Chocolate éclairs
IMG 11
Mini macarons
Julia Bekker, Adrian Lazarus, and Sandy L of http://www.humansofsa.co.za
IMG 13
Bailey Schneider, 2Oceansvibe radio presenter
IMG 14
Bailey Schneider
IMG 15
Adrian Lazarus
IMG 16
Adrian Lazarus
IMG 17
Hendrick’s gin & tonic
IMG 18
Rene-mari Zigi Marais Strydom (www.dustyrebelsandthebombshells.co.za) , Michelle-Lee Collins and Maria Vasco
IMG 19
Bailey Schneider, Emma Jane Menteath and Justin Polkey
IMG 20
Adrian Lazarus and Selvin Govender
IMG 21
Hisense Screens
IMG 22
Adrian Lazarus and Selvin Govender
IMG 23
Maria Vasco, Michelle-Lee Collins and Rene-mari Zigi Marais Strydom, ww.dustyrebelsandthebombshells.co.za
IMG 24
Tokelo Motsepe, throughshadedeyes.com
IMG 25
Tokelo Motsepe, throughshadedeyes.com
IMG 26
Bailey Schneider
IMG 27
VADA vadabysivada.co.za
IMG 28
Michelle-Lee Collins, MAC cosmetics makeup artist
IMG 29
Cherize Ross,k-word.co.za
IMG 30
Bailey Schneider
IMG 31
Maria, Mich and Zigi
IMG 32
canapés, 15 on Orange
IMG 33
Emma Jane Menteath, Justin Polkey and Bailey Schneider
IMG 36
36 Outside view at 15 on orange
IMG 35
Popup shop logo, #BokehFFF



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