BULLS in the Transkei

I was introduced to Christopher Rimmer by Kees Moonen of Jan Royce Gallery sometime this year. Photographer Christopher Rimmer spent a year studying the strange habits of cattle on South Africa’s wild coast. I got to ask him WHY and here is what the artist had to say about his series of photographic prints, AMAPONDO.

“The Jan Royce Gallery exhibits contemporary art from around the world, presenting a fascinating, broad selection of artists and works.

Stimulating, cutting-edge works by established contemporary artists, as well as intriguing works from young emerging artists, who may not have yet gained public acclaim.”

– http://www.janroycegallery.com/

Amapondo - Christopher Rimmer
Amapondo – Christopher Rimmer

Why the Transkei?

Christopher: Because it’s one of the few places in the world where cows visit there.

But why cows?

Christopher: Why not?!

Did you have an interest in them?

Christopher: Well I thought they are graphically striking, because they were presented sort of in an unusual background drop. It was almost surreal but it was real.

Where you going to the Transkei for a holiday?

Christopher: No. I went there three times last year to shoot in three different seasons – summer, autumn, spring. 

Okay. And you decided to make  a collection out of it?

Christopher: Yes.

Was it hard picking the pieces?

Christopher: Yea, I mean it always is.

How long have you known Kees?

Christopher: 6 months. I met him whilst I was here.

Did you Photoshop the images?

Christopher: Um, the lighting levels a little bit which is sort of standard for digital media. Some of them were taken directly from film stock.

Are you generally a photographer?

Christopher: No.  If I was born a painter I would painter.

I wish I could paint.

Christopher: Chuckles. So do I. I always get people raving at me about cameras and all.

How do you look up to as a photographer?

Christopher:  David Goldblatt, Robert Frank and a whole lot of other photographers. But I do not like looking at too many people’s photography though because subconsciously start channeling it you know.

Did you always want to go into photography?

Christopher:  Yeah. I studied photography while I was in my 20s.

So where are you from?

Christopher:  Well I grew up in South Africa and I am now living in Australia. 

Awesome. Thank you.

Christopher:  Pleasure. 


Amapondo - Christopher Rimmer
Amapondo – Christopher Rimmer
Amapondo - Christopher Rimmer
Amapondo – Christopher Rimmer

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