Camissa at The Table Bay hotel

Hashtag ZomatoMeetup has achieved a serious level of buzz on Twitter for quite some time now and I have been wanting to get myself into one of this unique gourmet affair for ages. Apart from giving food lovers the opportunity to stuff their faces, Zomato is all about building a  foodie community and bringing people together from different backgrounds. More than anything, it’s all about showcasing amazing eateries and hidden little restaurant gems that you may not have even heard about before!

I finally got an invite folks! Yes I did! And I had the BEST time at my first ever #ZomatoMeetUp “dinner party” last week.  It wasn’t a dinner party per say. It was more like a evening to catch up with old friends (and make new ones of course!) over good food and wine.

I was honored to have been invited. We all met up at Camissa, which is a lovely restaurant inside the The Table Bay Hotel. This warm and inviting restaurant is located at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. The inside simply breathtaking and simply exudes luxury and elegance. You just simply have to pay it a visit!

Proteas at Camissa
Proteas at Camissa

I am not going to go much into detail about the food..

I reviewed Camissa – The Table Bay Hotel and rated it 4.5/5 on Zomato. You can read  up on what I had to say on my Zomato profile:

For now I will let the photographs do the talking and let you drool over some of the images I took that evening!


The food was an superb. Honestly, if you fancy dinner – the long, lazy kind – then this place will definitely knock your socks off!

Camissa is pretty much the best way to spend an evening with a loved one or a couple of friends.

All in all, it was an elaborate evening of delicious food, conversing with fellow foodies and to top it all off some amazing wine!

To wrap up the WHOLE evening of fun and wine (as if we’d not had enough to eat), we were given goodie bags to take with home us, which included a bottle of Camissa’s signature  2013 white wine among other things. Merci beaucoup!

I had a blast and I hope to do it again soon! ♥


Did I mention that I finally got to meet the lovely Candice Bresler of Now I have to think of something else to top that for my Birthday month..

Thank you so much to Zomato and The Table Bay Hotel for an unforgettable  evening! Rest assured I will be back for more, until then I still have the best memories from that evening!

-Warning: this will make you hungry!



Want in on the #ZomatoMeetUp foodie experience? Yep, I thought you might. You and your appetite could get an invite to the next #ZomatoMeetUp. Just simply join the Zomato foodie community and share reviews of the places you’ve eaten at in your region. Who knows maybe we will meet each other at one #ZomatoMeetup in the near future..You never know!

Happy eating dear foodies!

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