ice cream days


Look, I like ice cream. I really really like ice cream and waffles (and iced coffees).

I could eat it everyday if only I wasn’t lactose intolerant.


I have to admit there’s something fun about living near an ice cream cafe. Just the very idea that I can go have a big ol’ bowl of ice cream first thing in the morning during the week brings a smile on my face.

The ice cream cafe I am referring to is none other than the The Creamery Cafe. They have a unique range of flavorful ice creams and amazing coffee.

My favorite flavor is the sweat cream. But the best thing on the menu for me, has to be the Waffle & Ice Cream combo hands down!


It’s the perfect spot to not only enjoy a cup of coffee or a double scoop of cold yummy sweetness, but also to spend time with your kiddies or your friends. There is nothing like ice cream that can bring people together! Well except for  ice cream sundaes with chocolate brownie chunks (which they serve at the Creamery by the way). Yum.


Summer is approaching. So make sure you pay them a visit for a creamy experience at any of their four Cafés in Cape Town!

Follow them on Twitter and Facebook to know when they change their ice cream flavor of the month!


Author: The Grubby Eater

just a basic girl who loves food..

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