It is the season to detox!

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IMG from @SkinnyJuiceCo
IMG from @SkinnyJuiceCo

So as promised here are the  Detox Tips that I got from the Spring Detox Workshop that I attended this past Saturday. I am a huge fan of detoxing so I hope these inspire you to adopt a healthier lifestyle and join me on my Spring Detox Challenge. It’s all about getting your mind + body together.

  1. Be more active. Exercise at least 3 times a week
  2. Breathe. It increases blood circulation.
  3. Eat your Breakfast every morning
  4. Go on a cleanse. It can be a 3 day detox or for just 1 day
  5. Eat healthy fats and lots of fiber
  6. Don’t starve yourself. Eat your greens, veges and snack on fruits and nuts during the day to keep you going
  7. Stay hydrated. Drink at least  8 glasses of water
  8. Drink lots of green tea or even ginger tea in the morning
  9. Get into the habit of eating better, juicing every weekend and cutting out junk food from your diet
  10. Eat lots of Kale. You can steam it and eat it raw as a salad. Or you snack on Kale chips during the day (Be aware that kale chips contain tree nuts! I had an allergic reaction to them. So stay away from these if you are allergic to tree nuts!)
  11. Drink  Lemon water every morning
  12. Incorporate meditation into your life, especially in the mornings to start off your body on a good note
  13. Go for regular massages
  14. Join a Nia or Yoga class
  15. Take a quick 5 minute walk on high stressful days
  16. Quit sugar, alcohol, smoking , caffeine, dairy.                                         (I’m lactose intolerant so this one is easy, except for the quit alcohol & caffeine part)
  17. Go out for some retail shopping, or better yet go to the beach for a couple of hours
  18. Get rid of  toxic people and relationships in your life. (easier said than done I know!)
  19. Get some vitamins and omega oil supplements
  20. Set a weight loss/eating plan and stick to it!
  21. Drink wheatgrass shots at least twice a month (you can get these at Kauai)
  22. Get some zzzz sleep and switch off your phone while you’re at it! Give your body some time to rest.

I hope these help in some way or form. Have a beautiful day dear reader and remember “a healthier you is a better you”.

For more info: contact’t forget to check out their lovely website and the Skinny Juice Co detox packages as well,

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