Burgers + Wine anyone?!

Bootlegger Coffee Co in Kenilworth is not only the perfect hub for coffee, cakes and croissants but it’s also an amazing restaurant that serves up food you will only dream about at night. I don’t know about you but I dream about burgers and fries all the time!

I spent the evening once, quite happily, in the company of close friends. Ah the simple pleasures of sharing a meal with awesome people. In all honesty, my friends kind of dragged there and I’m glad they did.
Bootleggers has a burger special where you order a burger and get a complimentary wine (you can choose between red or a white) or a beer with your meal.

I ordered the Chicken Burger which had a crumbed chicken breast, bacon, avo, rocket, tomato, mustard mayo and chips for a whopping R85! The photographs I took don’t do this monstrosity of a gourmet burger any justice!

To say it was delicious would be an understatement. It is all I want in a burger! A good ol’ bun, succulent chicken, a bit of crunch from the tomato, saltiness from the bacon and a bit of creaminess from the avo. Ah! burger heaven at last! It tasted soo good. Best part is that it comes with bacon. Who ever said no to bacon? Not me!

The only challenge is figuring out is how you are going to attack your burger once it arrives to your table! You also have the option of going the No – Bun route. Which still tastes pretty good but I am more of a traditional burger kind of gal! By traditional I mean a burger with two buns holding all the yumminess together…

The portions at Bootlegger Co are very generous (so make sure you get there with a hungry stomach)  and I think their prices are just right.

Service is quick and the staff is on point. Did I mention that they have free wifi?!

Well I guess I have a new cool spot to add to my foodie list..
Go check out the restaurant for yourself – either in Kenilworth or Seapoint. It’s worth the trip.





Author: The Grubby Eater

just a basic girl who loves food..

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