Review: Dropkick Murphy’s Bar & Grill

It’s our new favorite hang out spot.


I stopped by Dropkick Murphy’s last week with a friend of mine for a quick bite to eat and a couple of cocktails. And to tell the truth it totally blew my expectations.

Situated in Kloof street, where Gourmet Boerie used to be, I reckon that this place will be a local favorite in a couple of months!  It is consistently busy in the evening. And we understand why: the service is good and cocktails aren’t too bad either.

There are two things that I loved from the get go. Firstly, the location. It’s perfect. Most people (well generally capetonians) know that Kloof street is the place to go to when you want to have a good time from Thursday evening onward…And secondly, the decor. So simple yet so appealing at the same time. I mean, you definitely wont miss the ‘Get Lucky’ sign or the big ass skull art on the wall but that’s besides the point.

I was pleasantly surprised by the food, more so by the warm feeling of fried mac and cheese balls going down my throat shortly after the first bite. I didn’t even need to dip them into the sweet and spicy tomato chutney that came with them ! The only downside is that I didn’t find the chutney to be spicy at all (yummy as it was).

I was also surprised by how affordable it all was! Which made me and my bank balance quiet happy. Naturally :). The starters are inexpensive ranging between R45 – r50 . We ended up ordering the chicken wings as well…to go with our cocktails of course. These were divine. Sweet tangy and fall off the bone delicious. There are only  a handful of places – that I know of- in the city which serve chicken wings this tender. All I’m saying is, if it came down to it, I’d probably become a regular. Just because of those wings!

We were in a bit of a rush to get to an exhibition but ultimately we had a great time and vowed to go back soon!


Drop Kick Murphy’s is a unique Irish bar which will appeal to the kinds of people who want more of an experience when they go out to a cocktail bar. So go pay them a visit.

8 Kloof St,

Open Mon-Fri 7am-2am, Sat-Sun 8am-2amIMG_20160303_190410



Author: The Grubby Eater

just a basic girl who loves food..

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