the art of artisanal coffee

Located in the CBD. With its quirky style and incredibly delicious coffee. Truth Coffee has all the makings of a fantastic coffee shop. It offers superb service and even better coffee.


I don’t know when or where I first discovered coffee but I have been drinking it for as long as I could remember. So it’s no surprise that the second I got the invite to pay Truth Coffee Roasting cafe a visit, I replied pronto.

First things first: I do not often drink my coffee with milk – I am what we call a lactose intolerant foodie. Odd isn’t it? but you will be happy to know that Truth Coffee offers both soy & almond milk alternatives.

 so good 🙌👍


One of my favorite things to do when I have some work to wrap up is to leave my apartment and head to a local cafe, order a bit of coffee and use their WIFI. I am very particular on how I like my coffee. I am not a snob or anything but being that my lactose intolerance has worsened over the past few years it is very important for me to enjoy my usual cuppa without adding milk at times.

What I look for when I drink coffee is a smooth taste, a rich aroma and absolutely no bitterness or graininess in the initial taste. There is only one other coffee shop in Cape Town that serves coffee the way I like it and now I have added Truth Coffee to that short list!

The question you should ask yourself after drinking a cup of coffee is whether you enjoyed it or not. Through tasting or better known as ‘cupping’, you can learn about the complexities that come with attaining a great cup of joe, and through time you will actually learn about what you prefer. Most importantly, you will learn how to assess the flavors and quality of the coffee. Cupping is a way to compare coffees and a way to develop your palette, as well as to discern between different flavors. Well how else will you know what you like if you don’t try it all?

I had my first cupping experience about two weeks ago at Truth Coffee, which included a grand tour of their coffee roasting process. They were kind enough to talk me through the ways of making exceptional coffee. The first thing that hits you when you are cupping is the aroma of the coffee, then comes the fun part- the tasting. What we are looking for here is that “mmm” moment when you take your first sip and that lingering, pleasurable aftertaste at the back of your tongue. That’s when you know you’ve hit a gold mine.


I must admit I did rather enjoy the experience of slurping (well at least my attempt to) the different coffee blends. I am not the best slurper but practice makes perfect right?!

How do we taste?

We check for sweetness, acidity, flavor, body, and the aftertaste.

Three components to consider when assessing coffee is the aroma, flavor, and lastly the aftertaste. My two favorite roasters at Truth taught me about the value of freshly ground coffee, perfect extraction and the intricate art of coffee making.

To make good coffee you need to buy good, high quality coffee; none of that cheap stuff! If it’s made correctly then you don’t have to reach for a sugar sachet.

The quality of your beans can make or break a good cup of coffee. This one might be the most critical point of all and as part of their philosophy at Truth Coffee, they “passionately believe in quality above all else”.

“Your coffee standard is only as good as the very worst worst cup that you serve!” – David Donde

Cape Town has an amazing coffee culture that is growing by leaps and bounds. This is where I truly fell in love with coffee.

When I asked founder of the Truth Empire (as I call it), David Donde what makes his brand so special. He told me about how philosophically driven they are and that they have a belief system that they stand by, one which has no room for mediocrity and constantly challenges itself.

If there’s one thing that blew me away more than anything is the passion that David and his roasters have for coffee. You’d be surprised to know that David didn’t quite dream of being in the coffee business as a kid. He grew up on a chicken farm. That whole imagery blows my mind. Passion, hard work and continuously challenging yourself to be better – to be the best can make you one of the best in the business.

David Donde, father…I mean founder of Truth Coffee co.
Truth Coffee Roasting is very much known for its coffee. But the question still remains. What makes a great cup of coffee?

In David Donde’s words:

There is a difference between a good cup of coffee and a great cup of coffee.

But essentially it is a combination of the science behind making a cup of coffee, the quality of your beans and the hands of the person who makes it.

What makes a good cup of coffee?  That secondary moment after you take your first sip.

What makes a really great cup of coffee is that long lingering & pleasurable aftertaste. 

A lot of fundamentals go into making coffee, but the tasting process is part of the quality control of the coffee. You can get over 1000 flavor notes in one single cup.

From the sourcing of the beans, to the roasting, the grinding, the blending and the tasting; David Donde is at the heart of it all. All these processes have an effect on the character of the coffee and the end result which ends up in your cup. With the help from his team he has managed to make Truth Coffee  one of the top coffee shops in Cape Town. No, scratch that in the world!

It isn’t enough to salute Truth Coffee for their proficiently in producing something so profound and yet so satisfying to many people: the art of making brilliant coffee that delivers on its promise… Its strength is in its simplicity and the relationship that is set up between roaster and barista.

Coffee is personal but only a few cafes are able to provide honest coffee. Honest in the sense that it delivers on its authenticity, quality and taste.

What can you expect from your Truth Coffee visit? Really good coffee and an experience to go with it. It has a really great ambiance, super cool interiors, a large vintage roaster which is responsible for that great coffee you’ll be drinking and I mean by the time you get your coffee you’d have taken a couple of selfies by then.

Truth from Buitenkant Street

And after my experience at Truth I can never ever go back to my old ways. I can’t keep drinking average coffee and accepting the standards of mediocrity. I keep going back to that day and thinking about the aroma of those freshly roasted beans. I wish I lived much closer to where they are situated.

We are completely obsessed with the vibe at Truth especially the architecture. This is definitely a  place to go for coffee. With their authentic philosophy and their slightly eccentric interior, it all comes together to create a chilled environment to meet up with friends and have brunch with the family.

I’ll definitely be heading there again because that coffee was damn good and the house salad was something else!! I highly recommend this cafe!

New Coffee Bags and tamper from top front

Also, FYI: Customers can simply pop in and request for a tour and cupping experience or book in advance, which I recommend by the way.| 36 Buitenkant St, Cape Town | Wifi: Yep | Take away: most def!

Opening Hours: Mon- Fri 7:30am – 6pm

                                Saturday 8:30am – 6pm and

                                Sunday 8am -2pm

A huge thanks to the entire team at Truth for the exceptional service and Luxury Brands PR agency for making it all possible. Here is to never drinking bad coffee ever again!

DISCLOSURE: I was hosted as a guest of Truth Coffee and treated to a memorable experience and a light lunch. However, the views are my own.

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