Brunch at Saucisse:Review

You know how you get so busy that you don’t have time to blog anymore. That’s how my life is set up right now. There are so few hours in a day and the worst part is I have countless drafts waiting to be edited and published. I’m hoping that things will settle down soon but one thing I had to look forward to is brunching at Saucisse Deli.

Saucisse literally translates from the French word for ‘Little Sausage’ (how cute is that 🙂 ). This little spot is owned by Amanda and Derrick Lewis. The father and daughter duo are passionate about people and mostly about food, which will definitely keep you coming back for more. 

So I went out for brunch in Woodstock a few weeks ago and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had this year. I dragged my best friend, who was more than willing to tag along for an afternoon of conversation, incredible food, and a much needed catch up session.

We ate way too much and laughed along with Chef and owner of Saucisse Deli, Amanda Lewis. You can see from the pictures how delightful it all was, so needless to say we had the best time ever. We had so much fun that we ended up leaving after 3 pm.

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As I walked in, I was met with smiling faces and sounds of giddy chatter. Starting off with a bit of coffee, I settled into my seat and immediately pulled out my camera. I got a little carried away moments later chatting with chef Amanda.

Being the absolute foodie that I am, I had to try out the breakfast bowl. So that is what I got. It has a bit of everything – fluffy basil scrambled eggs, roasted sweet cherry tomatoes, spinach, crispy bacon served with a toasted mozzarella bruschetta. Quite a lot of flavors working together here and you can taste the deliciousness with each bite. There are two things that I love in this world, a good ol’ eggs Benedict and a fabulous Breakfast Bowl. So I was really happy with my choice. I mean who doesn’t love a big bowl of warm delicious food served with a big grin on the side.

The bestie ordered the Free Range Roast Chicken wrap (without the avo) which was equally as delicious. She was so into it that she forgot all about the fork and knife.

Photo 2016-07-20, 14 00 43 (1)

Photo 2016-07-20, 14 00 58

If you are still asking the question: “Where to buy the best cheeses and deli meats in Cape Town?” then it means you are not familiar with Saucisse Boutique Deli.
It is a real gem for avid cheese eaters. I was pleased to find that this is a place that offers a casual dining experience that locals can enjoy. Here you can enjoy a very tasty lunch that will give your mom’s lunch making skills a run for her money. Trust me you will definitely become a regular.

Most people I know love a good ole Serrano ham sandwich. Question is where to buy the ham. So, if you’re looking for the best selection of local meats and cheeses, or you just want to enjoy plant-based delights then you should stop by Saucisse Deli. Make sure you bring your appetite along and some of your bestest mates! 😀

The menu is quite interactive and also has a vegetarian option. The prices are insanely reasonable and the portions are quite filling. There is also something vegan on the menu and guess what?… it’s set at a decent price. So you can say goodbye to overpriced vegan plates.

Whenever I think of free range organic produce my foodie alarms go off. I already picture how expensive the menu will be, but you’d be surprised to hear of how the prices range between R50 and R85 at Saucisse. In Amanda’s opinion, “delis should be flexible”.

“I don’t think it’s fair for you to be expected to pay extra just because you choose to be vegan or have food allergies.” – Amanda Lewis

The food at Saucisse Deli is authentic. It has absolutely no frills and focuses mainly on flavor and using the best ingredients possible. The menu is pretty straight forward which is great for someone as indecisive as me. It offers a variety of delectable food from salads, sandwiches, wraps and has an array of gourmet meat and cheeses to choose from. If nothing catches your eye on the menu they offer delicious specials as well. They also have a full stock of beverages in the fridge that you can choose from to accompany your meal.

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To finish off Amanda treated us to a delectable chocolate tart which I still dream about to this day.  It tasted like nothing I have ever had before. The chocolate literally oozed right out of the pastry shell. It was sweet, crumbly and hit all the right notes. I felt like my taste buds were singing in that moment. I’ll definitely be heading there again because that chocolate tart was beyond amazing!

I highly recommend their breakfast menu. Note: you can order your sandwich to go, and purchase the freshly baked tarts which are sourced directly from Leo Foods. Although it says on the website that breakfast is served until 11:30 they would more than willingly make you a breakfast sandwich at your behest.

It is quite the setting for a relaxing long lunch during the week or for a lovely brunch on market days. Upon entering you will feel the most wonderful ease which reminds me of the cafes in Paris. You will find a relaxed space and delicious baked goods on display. The decor has a relaxed feel to it with foodie typography on the walls and quotes from the pages of an old recipe book on the tables.

Saucisse is a quaint meat and cheese deli with all the comforts of home. You will find organic olive oil and honey on the shelves, all sourced locally, and so much more to choose from on the menu. As well as the option of building up your own sarmie. Whether you feel like having breakfast with your buddies or indulging your senses with what the South African food landscape has to offer; Saucisse has just what you need.

Behind the deli counter is a plethora of meat and cheese choices all made in SA. We were able to sample the array of cold meats and chorizo on display. Customers can do the same. I have a feeling though that, that spicy chorizo I had that day will pair perfectly well with pan fried chicken breasts, roasted roma tomatoes and linguine.

Photo 2016-07-20, 15 14 26

Saucisse Boutique Deli is inviting and Amanda’s presence in the shop makes you feel both special and welcomed. Amanda has a very creative approach when it comes to the food. She designs healthy, organic dishes with a homemade feel. She has weekly changing specials up on the wall and has a willingness to please her customers. She is really hands on with her business. You will find her behind the cash till with a broad smile. She knows all the regulars and is even lovelier in person.

We could have easily stayed forever …We ate till we couldn’t eat anymore – and loved every bite. We literally had to roll ourselves out of there (but we gladly bought gluten free brownies to go).

Everyone who walked in left with a big smile and some of the regulars told me how they liked coming in during the weekday for a warm breakfast. I cannot wait to go back and order my Woza coffee Americano.

Thanks Amanda for an absolutely wonderful time!

Xx The Grubby Eater

Photo 2016-07-20, 15 15 11
bread = Woodstock bakery + In store products


Quickfire Questions

Popular dish on the menu?

Amanda: the Caesar salad + the free-range roast chicken salad

What was your biggest fear when you opened the shop?

Amanda: Um, it has to be working with my dad.

3 things that you want people to know about Saucisse.

Amanda: We are not just a meat and cheese deli. We are incredibly Eco-friendly. Our menu is flexible and we only use local products. Also every Monday we have a vegan special.

3 words that come to mind when you think about the shop?

Amanda: fresh, sustainable and welcoming

Best time of the day?

Amanda: Mornings

What’s your favourite thing to eat?

Amanda: If I could survive on anything it would be salad or sushi.

When did you fall in love with food?

Amanda: the minute I could start eating.

Earliest childhood memory of food or being around food?

Amanda: my childhood food memory is of me watching a Rice Krispies cooking segment on KTV.  I’d try to create what I’d seen on TV and mom would come into a messy kitchen and get furious.

Also, mom used to make a big Friday night dinner: roast chicken with all its servings, which I loved. I used to always be in the kitchen and my sister and I would help her prepare the meal.

What would you be if you weren’t a chef?

Amanda: I have always wanted to be a chef or open my own restaurant for as long as I can remember. If I wasn’t a chef I’d be a photographer.

Photo 2016-07-20, 15 53 08
bread = Woodstock bakery + In store products


Unit A 112, inside The Old Biscuit Mill

Woodstock, Cape Town

Mon – Fri · 8AM–4:30PM 

Sat· 8AM–2:30PM 

sleep ’til you’re hungry, eat ’til you’re sleepy – Unknown

Note: We enjoyed our meal as guests of Saucisse Deli. All views and images are my own.

Pop them a message to book for private events in the evening and family lunches on Sundays!

Until next time.


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