Dining at Dash

The perfect setup for sipping on cocktails with your girlfriends or with your beau this spring!


Fine dining is all about great execution and consistency. It’s one thing to have great service but it’s another thing to get a master piece on a plate. Dash Restaurant & Bar has managed to create the ultimate dining experience for their guests – offering world class service that’s worth your hard earned money. With a pianist playing harmonious tunes in the background and my wine glass in hand, I couldn’t think of a better place to have my pre-birthday celebration dinner.

I’ve always loved dining out. But you know what? With so many restaurants out there it’s often hard to figure out where to dine most evenings. Plus, I refuse to pay ridiculous prices at places that refuse to put my allergies into consideration. Dining at Dash has changed my entire perspective of what to expect when eating out.

The Dash restaurant & bar is situated right across from the V&A Waterfront’s shopping precinct and is located underneath the Queen Victoria Hotel in Cape Town. The dining experience at Dash is quite intimate – the quaint dining room can seat about 36 diners with a lovely terrace looking over Cape Town’s spectacular landscape views and of course the incredible Table mountain.

For me there are a couple of things that make a restaurant great: the simplicity of the menu, linen napkins, attention to detail and the encompassing feeling of luxury. You’d be surprised at how many establishments miss the mark, especially on quality service. They could honestly learn a thing or two from @DashRestaurant.

Upon entering guests are welcomed and get to relax in the bar area with some cocktails before they are guided to our seats. Also guests have the option of having the pleasantly set 4 course tasting menu or the À la carte menu. I’d go for the tasting menu if I were you – food and wine pairings are the best when you are dining with friends. The tasting menu is creative but allows room for people with allergies to make changes to it. It looks simple but you’d be surprised by the depth of flavor that you will find in a dish like their parsnip soup. Please note – the four course tasting menu does have amazing wine pairing and the menu dishes are subject to change and not fixed (which makes you wonder what you will get when you go there).

The expertise of Dash is in their sourcing some of the freshest ingredients and produce. There is a source of warmth and content that will totally encompass you at the end of  your dining experience at Dash. And this, in my opinion, is a true fine dining experience!


Dash offers Cape Town diners something different – of which you will have to find out all about by paying them a visit!

When it comes to the Cape Town fine dining scene I don’t think it has been given much props or the recognition it deserves, which is such a shame!

At the heart of the restaurant is the hardworking chefs in the kitchen behind-the-scenes, signature cocktails and ambiance like no other … Not to forgetting the hospitality service that is so welcoming that it will make you want to stay even after the kitchen is closed.

Let’s get into the food. Shall we?!

Jess (my foodie partner in crime) had the creamy parsnip soup paired with bacon jam and olive toast while I had the chicken soup to kick off the evening. While I appreciate the lengths the kitchen wen’t through to accommodate my allergies I was somewhat disappointed with the taste of the broth. It was too salty for my liking and it overpowered the rest of the ingredients. But the spoonful I had of Jess’s soup course made me cry with envy.


I didn’t particularly like the second course either. Mainly because of my dislike of avocado mousse but Jess seemed to clean up her plate quite nicely for the both of us.

The third course on the other was an entirely different story : seared duck breast, confit baby chicken, cranberry jus and carrot puree. This was as I could only describe as Christmas on a plate! The dish itself had a great amount of texture and different flavors working together on the plate. Ahhh, so many lovely things going on in every bite and just enough to satisfy your taste buds. You could clearly see the great amount of attention that was made to both the plating and the execution of the dish. I especially loved the baby confit chicken and the scotch quail eggs. Delicious! I swear I could have eaten a mouthful of those.

The highlight of our evening was definitely the dessert course; which is pleasantly surprising because I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. The Cheesecake layered on top of a Banoffee caramel sauce that Jess had was simply to die for and although I only had a spoonful of it… it felt like heaven. I had sorbet for dessert with an assortment of seasonal fruit. It was refreshing after all that food we had just eaten and I just couldn’t get enough of the raspberries in my bowl. Chef Dayne outdid himself here!


There is a great misconception that fine dining restaurants are reserved for special occasions which is such a shame. Restaurants like Dash offer excellent food at a decent price and knockout signature cocktails at that!

As mentioned before the service at Dash is amazing and the wine was some of the best I’ve ever had. Our wine glasses were kept topped up and the staff were all very friendly and attentive. For a romantic anniversary dinner or an out of the ordinary night-out Dash is the perfect place. It’s also great for weekend lunches and cocktail nights with the girls.

Dash restaurant & bar is part of the Newmark Hotels brand which is responsible for a series of luxury hotels and unique lodges across the continent. My dream is to spend a night or two at one of their Game Reserves – a girl can only dream right!

This intimate and romantic fine establishment, Dash I mean, had me so much at ease that it made me wish I had a Mr. in my life to share the experience with. Through much improvement on the execution of certain dishes and the guidance of the right head chef, Dash definitely has the potential of being in the same league as Camissa Brasserie. I was highly impressed by the attention to detail that was paid both to the food and to the guests. And I am definitely looking forward to going back this spring with my best friend!

Nothing beats treating yourself to a fine dining experience. So what are you waiting for – make a reservation and experience it for yourself!

Gorgeous fireplace
1st course: parsnip soup, bacon jam, olive toast
1st course: chicken soup
3rd course: deliciousness on a plate
4th course: Chef’s special yummy dessert



‘Till next time,


Disclaimer: we were hosted as guests of Dash restaurant and www.wiredcommunications.co.za
Photography by myself and Jessica Heard

Author: The Grubby Eater

just a basic girl who loves food..

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