I’ll just be over here thinking about my next meal . . .

I’ve been conflicted lately about my passions and where I see myself in the next 5 years. I am hoping that most people go through something like this in their early twenties. Never mind the panic attacks and the sunken feeling that you are already failing as an adult 😟. In the same breath I have been having trouble introducing myself at social gatherings especially when asked the gory question ” So what do you do exactly “?

What I do want to say is “Oh well I spend most days lying on my bed thinking about what to have for lunch”. But of course this is not what I say. I opt for the simple explanation, “I am a food writer”.

For some reason I don’t feel like I’ve earned the title of food writer. Not yet anyway. When I think of established food writers I think of people like Simon Majumdar, Matt Preston and even Andy Fenner. Charming individuals with a food philosophy and a train record of success in the business. Am I too hard on myself?

It’s in our job description, as food writers, to bare our souls in our writing; to rave about diners and explosive food experiences we’ve had the privilege of being invited to. As much as it’s a right of passage to have blissful debates about burger joints that aren’t quite up to standard. Which is all quite amusing to tell the truth.

However there are countless set backs as a writer. It’s a truth universally known that you are probably going to struggle making ends meet most months #youvebeenwarned. You are never quite sure where your next paycheck is going to come from (and your constantly trying to find new content to entertain your passive online audience)! Add a dose of sleepless nights to the list, the I’m hanging on six cups of coffee kind of nights. The long hours of editing and re-editing… yep that definitely rounds up my life.

Don’t get me wrong food is what I love. It has been the only consistent thing in my life for a very long time. But damn it’s an uphill battle!

On the account of sounding rather bleak and negative I will say that there are amazing aspects to this job – this whimsical freelancing job. You get to meet the guys who work tirelessly in the kitchen; you get to attend some of the most exclusive events each year and get to eat some of the best food of your life. And every once in a while you find utter bliss in stumbling across Cara Cara oranges at the grocery store or fresh figs at the market. On those days you will find that your life as a poor “food writer” becomes somewhat tolerable…at least on that day!





Author: The Grubby Eater

just a basic girl who loves food..

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