Birthdays and shenanigans

This past week was my flatmate’s birthday…Imagine this, 5 friends lots of Bombay Gin + Oude Meester Brandy and a couple of mixers (not forgetting the ice) to get the party going. Guess what we ate at the end of the night though – Butler’s pizza man! Sorry but I’m generally not a fan of theirs especially not of their bacon, pineapple and banana pizza. Yuck!

But that evening (#wackywednesday evening), I didn’t care much. We smoked too much and drank too much to the point where my brain was LITERALLY screaming for food. Pizza never tasted so good I tell you!

Anyway the gist of the matter is how for the past 2 weeks I’ve wreaked havoc to my digestive system and quite frankly to my eating plan. I had been eating so well for weeks. Excuse me while I shed a tear. . . Anyway yeah, green smoothies, low carbs, hummus (lots of it!), salads and a shit ton of fruits have been apart of my diet since mid-January this year. I’ve never felt so good in my life. I followed a more plant based and diary free diet; I still ate honey, free-range eggs sometimes and a bit of fish from time to time. I was eating clean. Enjoying it and felt so great all day everyday. I had too much energy I tell you. Shit look at me now – lethargic and dreaming about slap chips and snoek fish.

I need to do better. I’ve managed to cut back my coffee to one cup a day. The problem now is planning my meals again and getting rid of all the junk food and liquor in our kitchen.

I’ll let you know where I buy my produce in my next post…You can actually get a whole bunch of groceries to last you a month or so for less than R 1000. I’ll show you how!

Okay, this is a long enough post for the day. Check out my post tomorrow and read up on a Middle Eastern/Asian inspired meal I prepared for my flatmates last night. (Recipes will be included folks).

Thanks for reading.

Let’s do it again soon!  😛



x Lee


Author: The Grubby Eater

just a basic girl who loves food..

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