those blurry saturday nights . . .

The past 2 weeks have been a little rough on my physique. I have been socializing more than usual, working till late, filling my cup with dark liquor, laughing till my stomach hurt, eating amazing home-cooked meals and definitely not getting enough sleep.

Now the weather’s changed and I love it. It’s colder, cooler and perfect for all the long winter coats I’ve stashed away in my closet. Just wish I had enough energy to put a stew together on the stove. Flip I need to shake off this fatigue and get this darn feeling of lethargy in order! Do you think a staycation somewhere picturesque might rejuvenate my soul?

Speaking about picturesque destinations and adventures – if you’ve ever been to Bloubergstrand in Cape Town, then you must be very familiar with one of their hottest hangout spots near the beach strip. It’s a cafe/bar called News Cafe. {Sidenote: There’s literally a News Cafe franchise in each province in South Africa. It’s actually ridiculous}. Anyway what’s not ridiculous though about News Cafe Tableview is their entire menu. It is on another level, not to mention their cocktails. Girls get the chicken wings peri-peri style, of course, and a couple of Seven Deadly Sins (that’s the name of one of their most potent drinks on the menu, 7 different shots of liquor and believe me when I say it tastes like a sweet peachy punch – DANGER DANGER!!).  I was visiting family friends about two weeks ago and we spent an evening there. I haven’t danced and drank that much since 2015 Cubana Havana Lounge on a cold Friyay night!!!

Don’t judge me. It was a girls weekend. And if you have me on Instagram then you would have seen how fun and silly we were on my InstaStories #memoriesmade.

I have to warn you though. Don’t bring your car. Wear comfortable shoes. And prepare yourself to have a kak hangover the next day! Flipping took me three days to recover . . .

So yeah, amazing views, beach vibes, good food, great cocktails and a pocket full of fun. That’s literally how I’d explain a day spent in Blouberg.

You don’t need a whole lot of money to have a good time. Just a few friends, a myCiti card, the will to have a good time and oh 40 bucks for the comforting McDonald’s chicken nuggets + fries at 4am the next morning!

I gatta go. My bed is calling me!
The Grubby Eater









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just a basic girl who loves food..

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