Dining at Burger & Lobster

Turns out, that Burger & Lobster is one of those few places in Cape Town where you can have a memorable dining experience.


Due to the ridiculous incompetence of a certain IT company, I’ve been without a laptop for close to 6 weeks now. That means a heavy backlog of work left undone and countless hours of editing I have yet to do.
On the other side the month of April + May have been good to me and I’m just so excited to share the experience I had at Burger & Lobster restaurant with you. x

It was EPIC. yes i said epic! I’d say that it has been the BEST dining experience I have had this year and by far the most memorable.

Burger & Lobster, Cape Town. I like the name actually, it truly encompassed exactly what they have on the menu – burgers and lobster. Simple but clever! For about a year and a half now I have heard fellow foodies and industry folk raving about this place. It’s located on one of the coolest foodie streets in Cape Town (Bree str.) – they are perfectly situated for a much needed drink after work, girls’ night out and for date nights with bae.

The restaurant boasts simple yet elegant dishes which I’d swear even Guy Fieri would fall in love with. The menu is humble, concise and comprises of two things : their  reputable freshly-made steak burgers and fresh lobster.

This place reminds me of the vibey restaurants that you often find in the streets of Soho in New York city. The kind of place that serves up a mean ass Old Fashioned cocktail where I wouldn’t mind spending my Friday nights at !

 Delicious dishes on the menu at B&L . Steak burger with fries and a side salad, Bacon & Lobster mac’n cheese and a junior LOBSTER ROLL


We got to try the best eats on their menu compliments of the restaurant  @burgerlobsterSA. I snagged a couple of pictures before it more or less ended up on my face and finally into my mouth.  It was all so delicious. I am not saying this to be nice and I am not being paid to write a great review. I would drag all my friends here if I had my parent’s credit card and would possibly stop by to pick-up dinner there every night. It’S THAT goood!

We didn’t have to wait long for our food and our waitress was always on hand when we needed a refill. I was a bit on the nervous side before we arrived in all honesty. Excited but nervous still. I mean if you are just going to have two things on your menu then there is ABSOLUTELY no room for (excuse my language) fuck ups . So there I was, walking in with my friend – Nathan – with growling tummies and high expectations!

The Drinks got me all kinds of excited though. I must tell ya! There is something on the menu for everyone – whiskey drinkers, girly girls, heavy drinkers and crafty something also for the guy who just wants a beer. Did I mention that they have a happy hour special for every single damn day of the week!

After a few cocktails in our systems, conversation with the staff and a bit of nibbles on classic bar snacks, I got a clear feel for the restaurant and I was ready to dive head first into the mains. I couldn’t decide on what to order and later decided on the cheesy bacon & lobster mac ‘n cheese. With the mac n cheese I got half a lobster roll on the side. YUM

To my dining pleasure, Nathan doesn’t eat lobster or bacon so I had these all to myself. The buttery roll complements the tender juicy lobster so well. The squeeze of the lemon is quite essential for the entire dish to work together. And the light Japanese mayo is no joke. I could have used more of that mayo on my roll though. I couldn’t finish the pasta though. Had to leave some room for some dessert! I really did enjoyed my meal and I really want to go back! I actually want to pack up their Head Chef and lock her up in our kitchen.

Ooh, and the black truffle and Parmesan fries ? PERFECTION!  I must confess inhale carbs whenever the opportunity presents itself. These fries may have ultimately changed the way I look at potatoes! I am craving them as I am typing. How can that be? 

All the dishes comes with American style fries that puts Mac D’s fries to shame and a mixed green salad, that has been dressed in a delicious balsamic vinegar (I assume) dressing with croutons and red onions. I can’t stop dreaming about those Parmesan and Black Truffle fries which go perfectly well with sriracha sauce. They were pleasurable to eat and I swear I’d pick these over a boy any day! I suggest you order a big bowl of these – emphasis on NOT sharing the fries with your dining mate.

mmm, my mouth is salivating!

Nathan on the other hand was happy with his order. He actually said it was one of the best gourmet burgers he has had in his life. He actually grew quieter and quieter as he took each bite. I am so happy he shared his fries with me. Otherwise a food brawl would have ensued. The one thing that took him off guard was the salad. He went nuts for it. FYI he rarely eats salad and he fell in love with the way it was dressed and the golden croutons that were mixed in.

The cheese sauce on the burger (which is a combo of 3 different cheeses) was DIVINE, as Nathan would say! The patty itself was unique. He couldn’t compare it to anything he has ever tasted before. The taste (which paired well with the steak patty) was pretty new to him, esp. because of the cheese on the patty. I FOR ONE LIKED IT!


Before we had even digested our mains, we were presented with a plate full of the dessert they have on offer on their menu. I AM SECRETLY A DESSERT LOVER, OBSESSED WITH THE THINGS 🙂 ESP. CAKES.

The Oreo + Nutella cheesecake and the crushed Ferrero Rocher chocolate cake were some of the best we’ve ever had. The chocolate was lighter than expected, whilst the cheesecake was creamy and  richer and yet delectable but not overwhelming on the palate at all.

No words can express the moments we took a bite of each dessert. BLISS. Nathan professed his undying love for the Ferrero Rocher chocolate cake and then changed his mind that he loved the cheese cake more. I think he just couldn’t make his mind up on which he preferred better, which was hilarious to witness!


It was so good to sit back and chat over spectacular food, cocktails and just create memories out of the occasion. And that is what B&L is all about. It’s a place where you can make memories and devour as much lobster as your stomach can handle. We both found the service to be one of the best we’d ever experienced.

There were a few empty seats when we got there and by the time we  heading home it was a full house. So it is advised that you make a reservation.

Word of advice: don’t rush your meal at B&L because before you know it, it will be all gone! You’ll want to linger to order more of their signature cocktails so do get there early and sit comfortably.

The Burger & Lobster crew is doing something that some fine dining restaurants in the Cape have failed to do. They have managed to elevate and celebrate the ingredients that they have on hand. From the burger patties they make themselves, to the warm brioche rolls, to the much loved whole lobsters…i honestly have to take my hat off for them.

The menu is set at approximately R350 for two people (that’s if you won’t be ordering the whole fresh lobster and this price is excluding alcohol). Each dish is executed to perfection. I was so content and overly impressed with each course that I wanted to stay there the entire night.

I am so happy to have gotten the opportunist to dine at B&L and I urge you all to definitely pay them a visit – order the Bacon & Maple Old Fashioned and eat everything on the menu if you can!!

Burger & Lobster is a dining territory like no other and I am proud to say that I have experienced it for myself.

sit, eat, and relax

Till next time dear reader!

the lobsters are waiting 🙂


Disclosure: we dined as guests of B&L, however all views are my own.


Camissa at The Table Bay hotel

Hashtag ZomatoMeetup has achieved a serious level of buzz on Twitter for quite some time now and I have been wanting to get myself into one of this unique gourmet affair for ages. Apart from giving food lovers the opportunity to stuff their faces, Zomato is all about building a  foodie community and bringing people together from different backgrounds. More than anything, it’s all about showcasing amazing eateries and hidden little restaurant gems that you may not have even heard about before!

I finally got an invite folks! Yes I did! And I had the BEST time at my first ever #ZomatoMeetUp “dinner party” last week.  It wasn’t a dinner party per say. It was more like a evening to catch up with old friends (and make new ones of course!) over good food and wine.

I was honored to have been invited. We all met up at Camissa, which is a lovely restaurant inside the The Table Bay Hotel. This warm and inviting restaurant is located at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. The inside simply breathtaking and simply exudes luxury and elegance. You just simply have to pay it a visit!

Proteas at Camissa
Proteas at Camissa

I am not going to go much into detail about the food..

I reviewed Camissa – The Table Bay Hotel and rated it 4.5/5 on Zomato. You can read  up on what I had to say on my Zomato profile: http://www.zoma.to/vnDxMw

For now I will let the photographs do the talking and let you drool over some of the images I took that evening!


The food was an superb. Honestly, if you fancy dinner – the long, lazy kind – then this place will definitely knock your socks off!

Camissa is pretty much the best way to spend an evening with a loved one or a couple of friends.

All in all, it was an elaborate evening of delicious food, conversing with fellow foodies and to top it all off some amazing wine!

To wrap up the WHOLE evening of fun and wine (as if we’d not had enough to eat), we were given goodie bags to take with home us, which included a bottle of Camissa’s signature  2013 white wine among other things. Merci beaucoup!

I had a blast and I hope to do it again soon! ♥


Did I mention that I finally got to meet the lovely Candice Bresler of agorgeouslife.co.za. Now I have to think of something else to top that for my Birthday month..

Thank you so much to Zomato and The Table Bay Hotel for an unforgettable  evening! Rest assured I will be back for more, until then I still have the best memories from that evening!

-Warning: this will make you hungry!



Want in on the #ZomatoMeetUp foodie experience? Yep, I thought you might. You and your appetite could get an invite to the next #ZomatoMeetUp. Just simply join the Zomato foodie community and share reviews of the places you’ve eaten at in your region. Who knows maybe we will meet each other at one #ZomatoMeetup in the near future..You never know!

Happy eating dear foodies!

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Cheese & Wine weekends


One of my favorite foodie events this year was without a doubt the AGRI-EXPO SA Cheese Festival that took place at Sandringham from the 25 – 27 of April.

It was a sensational wine and cheese tasting weekend complete with big flavors offered by exhibitors… celebrity chefs doing cooking demos for the masses… and, of course, the bottomless glasses of wine.

One highlight in particular was watching Chef Johan van Schalkwyk’s in the kitchen.  He was doing a canape and wine pairing; surrounded by food fanatics and wine lovers he made autumn inspired canapes to pair well with DrostdyHof  white wines. He charmed the audience talking about food and seasonal ingredients. He even made jokes!

We got to nibble on the canapés and sip on the lovely wine as well (the wine didn’t overpower the food at all, but rather complement it). Chef Johan kept reiterating that  he wasn’t fighting with the winemaker with that kind of tasting but was simply working together with him.

My Fav wine out of the ones I tasted was most definitely the  2013 Drostdy-Hof Chardonnay. It has oaky accents and a slight smokiness when you bring it up to your nose.




Winemaking Cellar master’s (Michael Bucholz) comments

Color: Light straw color with green tinges

Bouquet: Tropical fruit, citrus and lime with oak spice

Palate: Rich, smooth and creamy with well-integrated fruit flavors and a hint of spice

Food pairing

A versatile wine that can be enjoyed on its own or with creamy fish and pasta dishes as well as with white meat dishes.

The thing that I like about Chef Jay is how he twists traditional recipes but somehow they still stay rich, creamy and yummy.

Canapes :)
Canape Loving 🙂

“ Jy kan dit self te maak” – Chef Johan van Schalkwyk

Q: When you decided to pair the canapes with the wine, what inspired you?

A: Always start off with the wine. ALWAYS.

When you are given wine you obviously want the wine to stand out.


Q: As a chef, when I am cooking every day and coming up with an idea then obviously I want to pair the food with the wine.

A: When you are given the task to pair food with certain wines, you want the flavors o the wine to come up. So I would rather do a horizontal pairing so the food I am making is not clashing with the wine.

The winemaker wins here. Very often you get the chef come in and try to cut the richness of the meat, let’s say for instance, and I wasn’t trying to do that.

What I have done with a function like this, specifically with the wine in focus, is made sure that the wine was the winner.

And that it was.

A: If you think back a couple of years of that Coffee/Chocolate Pinotage that did wonders to the wine drinking society because all your beer drinkers all of a sudden picked up a glass of wine and say “Whoa! I can pick up the coffee.” They felt inspired by that and actually converted to drinking wine I tried to do that with the food and DrostdyHof wines pairing as well.

Q: When DrostdyHof  approached you did they pick out the wine for you or did you do the selection on your own?

A: They did give me the option. I just found that with canapés they are served in the beginning. You don’t want to go straight into the reds. That’s why I decided to go with the whites rather.

Yes, they gave me a couple of options but I decided to go with a lighter style which works better with canapés.

Q: Would you say your canapé dishes were inspired by the season?

A: Absolutely. The seasons play a big role in what local products and ingredients you can work with. Look, I am from Wellington. We are blessed with all the produce around us. Freshness and sort of fantastic abundance of produce out there for me to work with.

Thank you. It was lovely to meet you.

Thank you.




[All images were taken with a smartphone! GRINS.]

Keep a look out for a full profile feature on Chef Johan van Schalkwyk on http://morethanfood.co.za/

Broke the Cardinal Rule! Eating Ribs in PUBLIC!
Broke the Cardinal Rule! Eating Ribs in PUBLIC!
cheese making session
cheese making session
Blossom the Cow
Blossom the Cow
We were acting very silly! Tokelo of http://throughshadedeyes.com/ and I!
We were acting very silly! Tokelo of http://throughshadedeyes.com/ and I!


Go forth and eat,