21 day lockdown

If you have been actively engaging with the current news then you will totally get what the title of this blog is all about.

I finally got around to writing (an extremely detailed) post about my experience with the current pandemic we are all dealing with, aka COVID_19: how I have socially isolated myself, how I’ve been getting around and how I entertain myself at home. I hope this article helps feel a little bit better because we are in this together.

To be honest I am extremely disappointed with how the year is going. I had a whole bunch of travel plans set for the year and my calendar was filled to the brim with big ideas to fulfill my wandering heart.

Travel plans aside, in some weird and wonderfully amazing way, the universe unexpectedly granted me a few opportunities to work some of the inspirational people I’ve met to date. I am super excited for what is to come. I’ve really grown in confidence as I’ve been discovering my talents over the years. I’ve had to attend a lot of networking events in the city on my own, which has forced me to put myself out there and get noticed. Going out to events solo really pushes you out of your comfort zone. All those uncomfortable social events and awkward chats has really widened my database and I am able to get advice from fellow peers during this time.

I visualize a lot. Visualizing is just that mindset of “I’m going to do this. I’m going to do this project and I’m going to complete it and I’m going to do it amazingly.” And if you can’t do something in that project (like I am not good at programming and graphics and I am still learning the ropes when it comes to social media), then you get someone to help you and join you and collaborate with you.
But here’s the truth: If you’re looking for a help or advice then meeting one-on-one in a public place at a certain time with an actual agenda— is still one of the best ways to find it. It’s more promising than staying in texting purgatory or looking at the 4 walls in your room wondering what to do.

The great thing about all of this is (the #21daylockdown I mean) is that I won’t be wasting money on fancy avo on toast or overpriced iced coffee. So I am going to be staying indoors over the next 21 days, doing yoga in the morning, drinking homemade Italian hazelnut coffee, sipping on gin & pink tonic in the evening, writing, joining an online cooking class, coming up with new recipes to share on the blog and working on a new layout for the blog.

Be sure to check my Instagram stories for more details of what I get up to :).

Stay safe. Wash your hands. Spend quality time with your family. Reflect on your life. And Better yourself.

I am as nervous as everybody is right now but I am keeping sane by sourcing information from reputable sources, watching tons of Netflix shows and sending memes to my dear friends. Laughter makes everything better – that’s how my family and I get through tough times!

That’s all for now.

Lots of Love,



Here’s a picture of me in a cute dress, drinking Gin and having fun.

Musgrave Summer sunsets at Latitude

Hey beautiful peeps.

Happy New year!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 Am I still allowed to say that?

We are 3 months into the new year so happy 2020. May this year be filled with peace of mind, joy and financial wealth for you and your family.

Talking about peace of mind. I spent a lovely Friday afternoon with Musgrave Gin on the 6th of March 2020, drinking sun-downer cocktails and eating scrumptious starters. To be honest the reason I decided to attend the Musgrave Summer sunsets event was not only because I have become such an avid gin drinker over the past few months . . . it was also because of the appeal of the location.

Latitude Aparthotel, in Sea point Cape Town is not only fancy-pancy with its decor and architecture; it is absolutely gorgeous. They have have the utmost breathtaking views, a pool, bar service and an amazing chef.

The food was amazing. I generally eat everything, but I am such a picky EATER and my years of restaurant-hopping has taught me a thing or two about food. My favorite by far was the fresh tuna tataki, the tender ribs and the cheese croquettes. Marvelous I tell you👌!

Let’s take a few moments to talk about the gin. Do I like it? Yes!

Let me tell you why.

  • It has a smooth finish, it’s not so strong that it gets you buzzed after the first sip.
  • You can chase it with almost anything (tonic, wine, ginger beer, lemonade, the list is endless).
  • It is literally the perfect sundowner ‘drank’ for the summer with some friends, maybe over a braai or while you get through some e-mails at home.

Will I be buying it? Yes, duh! I’m building a collection here.

That’s all for now!

I hope to see you at the next event.

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Au revoir! Bisous bisous.

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P.S. If anyone wants to send me the Musgrave Pink Rose Gin, please do so. I like gifts, especially if they look pretty.

We were invited by the Musgrave Gin PR Team as guests for the night. However, all views and opinions are my own!

Bye bye Cold winter nights

As we say goodbye to our winter woes and our winter coats, I would like to leave you with one last recipe that you can use on chilly weekdays or simply when you have caught a cold from hell. I came up with recipe on a whim while I was visiting my best friend and as picky as she is, she really enjoyed it.


Mushroom + Coconut broth w/ Wild rice


1 punnet of mushrooms


a handful of spinach

coconut cream

1 lemon



green chillies (optional)


curry powder

salt & pepper

250g hot water

wild & brown rice


Cook rice according to instructions.

Pan fry leeks with garlic, ginger, curry powder and turmeric

Add mushrooms

Add coconut cream and the hot water

Cook for 10 minutes

Add spinach and cook for another 5 minutes

Serve over rice and add green chillies for a bit of heat.


Broth should be golden in color.

Recipe is VEGAN.

Get to know me a little bit better.

Hello again,

I don’t know about you but I think about food all the time and I mean ALL THE TIME!  I think about food as much as I think about coffee, art and wine. Okay, maybe not as much but you get the whole idea. I am trying to put together a meal in my head right now, and I know I am probably going to end up having a bowl of pasta for dinner.

To be honest I am not the best of cooks. I can make a mean pasta dish and a great steak sandwich, but that’s generally about it. Sike I’m Kidding – I am quite good at coming up with a recipe at the spur of the moment, especially if I have the best possible ingredients on hand. For some reason, pasta always ends up being my cop out. But I ain’t complaining! It’s warm, filling, easy-peasy comfort food! Pairing a bowl of steaming penne with a glass of Syrah and a piece of bread to mop up the wonderful sauce off the plate is what sums up a great evening at home for me.

I think most of my money is spent on eating out and take-outs. You can just imagine how tight that is on a student budget. What can I say? I like fine dining and trying out new flavors … Eating out on a student budget isn’t the easiest thing to do, but that’s what breakfast & lunch specials are for I guess and the occasional eating of cereal & 2-minute noodles towards the end of the month.

I still haven’t figured out how to make a good scrambled egg though. I’ve essentially given up on the whole idea. I know — I suck. Totally and completely. Sometimes I lie to people (when they ask me to make them breakfast) and say that I am extremely allergic to eggs.

My palate is mostly influence by Italian cuisine but that changes over time (right now I am very much into Korean & Chinese food).  Still I inhale a burger whenever I can, not to mention street food on market days. I can never get enough. I’m a messy eater — in the sense that I eat with both my hands and cutlery — hence the name of the blog. I blame Nigella Lawson for making me feel like it’s okay to do exactly just that! Although a little fear still lurks at the back of my mind every once in a while that my crush might walk by and instead of him swooning over me he might be like, “Yo you’ve got sauce on your face” (in a Trey Songs kind of voice). The horror! This is the very reason why I cannot and try my level best to never eat ribs in public!

Anyway I am about to go wind down and rest a bit because phew, I had a busy week.

Til next time,